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Corporate Membership Plan

The Alliance for NanoHealth (ANH) Corporate Membership Plan will provide the mechanism to facilitate the interaction between corporate industry and faculty members of ANH Institutions. The Alliance is committed to the clinical translation of university/institutional based nanotechnology; therefore the ANH will construct several venues (i.e. workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.) that will enable ANH members to showcase their research to industry members for critique, guidance, and evaluation of commercial potential.

Corporate MembershipThere are several motivations for initiating this program:

  1. Allow ANH principle investigators the opportunity to showcase their work and receive valuable corporate feedback;
  2. Provide venues that offer opportunities to form new institutional/corporate synergies to pursue research goals, seek funding (i.e. SBIR, STTR, State of Texas ETF Commercialization Grants, etc.), and further develop promising commercialization projects;
  3. Create a new source of funding to support future activities of the Alliance for NanoHealth.

Corporate members will be required to pay annual membership fees to the Alliance for NanoHealth in the form of a donation specifically designated to support ANH activities. Membership dues will be collected at the beginning of each fiscal year; companies applying for membership mid-year will pay a prorated membership for the remaining of the fiscal year. ANH annual membership rates will be as follows:

$25,0001 Founding ANH Corporate Member

$10,0001 Founding Texas Start-up ANH Corporate Member Small Texas based companies (<50 employees)

1 These membership fees will available for 2007, 2008, and 2009. Fees will be adjusted by the Steering Committee after this period.

ANH Industry Membership Fund:

Corporate membership dues (donation) will be deposited into a University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHSC-H) account designated for ANH activities with the following stipulations.

  • Industrial Membership directly and indirectly supports research of the ANH.
  • Member fees will be allocated and used to support research proposed by faculty and researchers in unfunded early exploratory areas; for maintaining faculty and researcher collaborations, exposure, and currency through conference and seminar attendance; for expenditures related to Industrial Member engagement and support; for semiannual research reviews conducted for Industrial Members; and for salary support of the ANH Administrative Core. The Industrial Member Fund, after common expenses are paid, can be distributed to financially assist ANH Core Facilities (i.e. equipment & infrastructure) as well.
  • The Industry Member Fund can support faculty research-related activities including sponsorship of graduate student researchers.

Corporate Membership Benefits:

Although ANH membership does not commit specific pre-identified research deliverables to Industrial Members, a number of valuable far-reaching tangible and intangible benefits are returned. Numerous communication mechanisms are employed by the ANH to engage Industry Members with the respective relevant institutions, including:

  • A 1-2 day annual ANH Technology Showcase workshop conducted on the Texas Medical Center campus;
  • Annual publication of a comprehensive research report covering all ANH projects (i.e. book of abstracts produced from ANH Seed Grant Investigators);
  • Industry member requests for on campus meetings with ANH research teams will be conveyed by ANH Administration and arranged by mutual consent;
  • Individually funded ANH directed research projects may be proposed to ANH faculty which are generally undertaken only with Industrial Members, under separate agreements;
  • Free admission to ANH workshops, seminars and smaller events;
  • ANH industrial membership registration rates for annual ANH Conference.

The ANH Corporate Membership Program will not include:

  • Handling of intellectual property;
  • Institutional/Corporate agreements;
  • Access to ANH core facilities.

For more information contact Jason Sakamoto at
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